Stanton DeFreitas Was Always Proud To Be Canadian

Stanton DeFreitas has a keen understanding of what sort of difference culture can make in the life of an individual. He was exposed to a wealth of different cultures when he was growing up, and this allowed him to have a greater appreciation not only for other cultures, but for other places and people as well. Stanton DeFreitas’ interaction with different people and cultures was instrumental to who he would later become. He was exposed to a multitude of different ways to think, speak, and solve problems, which has certainly had a bearing on his adult life and his career. An increased understanding of how the world works has been beneficial to him, as has the ability to understand and connect with those of other cultures.

From a young age, Stanton DeFreitas was always proud to be Canadian, being born in the country, but he was also proud of his Caribbean heritage. Canada is a wonderful country that Stanton DeFreitas is proud to be apart of, but his Caribbean heritage also means a great deal to him, and always has. Stanton DeFreitas considers himself a citizen of the world, because he views the entire world as one highly dysfunctional community. He has seen the beauty of inter-connectivity between people, cultures, countries, and businesses from across the world. While distance and other things separate us, there is so much more than connects us in Stanton DeFreitas’ eyes. His work as an international business consultant has allowed him to travel across the world and meet and interact with people from every corner of the globe.

Stanton DeFreitas has an ambition to be an author or writer creating prose on subjects related to global understanding, cultural knowledge, and world-wide inter-connectivity. These are issues with which he is well acquainted. Amongst the subjects he would be interested in covering in his writings are international sport, world events, international travel, and various health and wellness issues. These are issues about which Stanton DeFreitas is passionate and with which he believes he can bring an honest, fresh, and unique perspective. His ability to effectively communicate with his audience would depend upon his honest thoughts and clear, strong, writing.